We deeply understand the difficulties to start a business and the great efforts needed for the success. So we are positioned to play a dual role as a financial investor as well as an incubator to leverage our resources for helping start-ups to gain success. We're confident in our portfolios' rapid progress with our assistance of business operating management, team builing, financial system establishing, market expanding, etc .

We will also help start-ups to make full understanding of maximizing value of the investment so as to pay more attention to their financial index including revenue increasing, profitability and cash flow. We not only emphasize the importance of reaching these targets, but also support our portfolios to fulfill the maximization of their market value.

We have strategically invested in a series of portfolios. Each portfolio can be run respectively on its own basic resources, and meanwhile, it also give support to other portfolios by resource-sharing. For instance, Shanghai Multimedia Park Venture Capital (MPVC), established by UCI and other shareholders, is the best incubator for start-ups where they don't need to worry about asking for documents approval from related administration bereau by themsleves and can also enjoy preferential duty-reduction policies. And Focus Media, China's larget media company for digital outdoor displays also invested by UCI, offers all portfolios otherwise very costly advertisting opportunities facing to tens of millions of whiter-collars in China.


Moreover, we also invest in some innovation network and financial service providers in China. So we can lead our portfolios into UCI family, which is composed of strategic cooperators and successful entrepreneurs. In UCI family, all porfolios help each other, share the resources and eventually form a synergized value chain for creat the maximum commercial value.

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